Our bespoke option allows for an infinite choice of head turning, one of a kind finishes handmade by our Fly master craftsmen in Great Britain.

We have an unlimited range of colour options and leather finishes, from eye catching metallic Italian lambskin to neon top grain cowhide, your design can become a reality. The world's finest exotic skins are at your disposal: Python, Crocodile, Anaconda, Ostrich... The list is endless, we put the power of unique unparalleled luxury in your hands.

Just one of the many advantages you get from choosing a Fly product is the personalisation. Custom embroidery to match any colour scheme intricately stitched into your precious leather, whether its a name, a nickname or initials we can make it personal. Another option is hand painted artwork: painstakingly inscribed by our Fly artists it adds the ultimate luxury appearance, making your Fly product unmistakably yours.


Fly Bespoke Price List
Current stock bespoke colours Any combination of colours is + £35 to the cost of each item, we have most colours but some unusual colours we don’t have and will be a charge of + £140 to the total cost of the order (one charge for the total order whether you order 1 item or several as we would be purchasing the skin solely for you) 
Exotic leathers - Python, Crocodile, Ostrich etc. priced on request.
Metallic leathers - We recommend against using this leather for bespoke training products, it deteriorates quickly and does not meet our quality control standards. As we understand people still wish to have it, but as we want to give you the best products available also, we cannot take responsibility for the deterioration of this leather if you choose it for your products.
Embroidery is available in any colour text names and initials are +£35 per product. Logo’s have an additional one off tooling charge of +£25 also.
Superlace Gloves 
10oz £295, 12oz £295, 14oz £305, £16oz £315, 18oz £325, 20oz £335
Superloop Gloves
10oz £325, 12oz £325, 14oz £335, £16oz £345, 18oz £355, 20oz £365
Professional Fight Gloves
KYO any size £320, Halcyon any size £320
Wraith groin guard
£180 any size
Knight - any size £240 , Gladiator - any size £250, Superbar - any size £350 , 
Micro, Super speed, and Speed mitt £240 
Please note due to the nature of the bespoke products unfortunately we cannot accept returns.